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What You'll Learn in This Article

  • An automatic way to clean you enema kit (including tube)
  • Which part to buy
  • Step-by-step process

One of the most difficult pieces of equipment to clean thoroughly is the enema tube. They are typically around 60 inches long and while there are some very long brush extensions, it's always such a pain in the rectum to use them!

We all go through so much effort to choose the highest quality products and make sure our research is solid because that's what safe, health-conscious people do. But what about the little things that are so often overlooked, like the enema tube?

Mold is the enemy

The bucket is usually easy to clean, with the exception of the tube adapter. It can air dry in most environments, too. The storage containers for the coffee solution can be problematic as mold can accumulate during the storage period.

The 60" enema tube is a real sucker, though! You clean it with your special, organic soap. You rinse it with purified water. You set it out to dry and when you check it the next day, there's mold inside.

If you are serious about keeping harmful bacteria out of your body, you need to squash this problem with your equipment. Hopefully, it's not an expensive solution and doesn't take a ton of time.

I've racked my brain trying to find an automated way to clean my enema equipment and I've found something that works so well for me, I had to share it with you!

Here's my 3-minute cleaning process

    1. Make sure the tube is connected to the enema bucket and the hose clamp it closed
    2. Then, place the enema bucket in the kitchen sink and fill it 75-95% with purified water
    3. Add the cleaning solution
    4. Leaving your tube connected to the bucket, grab the stinky end and attach it to this awesome water pump
    5. Turn the knob on the water pump's inlet to close it about halfway (that will control how fast it pumps water)
    6. Now, with everything connected, lower the water pump into the enema bucket so it's suction feet are flat on the bottom
    7. Plug the pump into the power outlet and let it run


Now you can start cooking dinner or whatever you need to do while you wait for the pump to do it's cleaning.

The pump is circulating water through the tube, out the top of the bucket, and back into the bucket through the bucket's tube adapter.

I'll usually let it run for about 3-5 minutes. It won't hurt to let it go longer. Just adjust the pump's speed to make sure it stays under water. You rinse everything the same way - just run some purified water through the bucket, tube, and pump.

Air dry like a champ!


Now comes the game changer! No more moldy tubes. This water pump is better than others because it can run out of the water for 36 hours without burning up the motor. That means you can continue running the pump while your tube is connected to it and it will push air through the tube to dry it out.

Wrapping up

I hope you found this helpful and if you try it, I hope it works as well for you as it has for me!

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