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Enema Coffee Preparation


1. Place 2 to 3 cups of purified water and one to two tablespoons (15-30 ml) of Constipatient Enema Coffee in a saucepan and bring to a boil. First time users should consider starting with only 1 teaspoon (5ml).

2. Let it boil 5 minutes, stirring as needed.

3. Allow the solution to simmer for another 10 minutes.  

4. Then, turn off the heat and allow it to cool to body temperature. You may use purified ice to speed the process, or place in the freezer.

5. Strain the liquid through a fine strainer or an unbleached, natural paper coffee filter and pour into a clean enema bucket.

6. First time users should start with a low volume enema of around 500mL of fluid. Some people may comfortably administer up to 2L of solution but it is important to never force too much liquid into your body. Use common sense - if you weight 90lbs, then you probably shouldn't administer 2L.

Enema Administration

1. Remove trapped air in the tube by releasing the clamp and allowing the solution to reach the end of the tube. Then, close the clamp to stop the flow of liquid.

2. Choose a flat place on a non-carpeted floor and spread a towel for comfort. Roll a second towel for head and neck support and place at one end of your palette.

3. Position your enema apparatus approximately 18-26 inches above your palette on the floor and position the tube so that it is easy to reach while you are lying down.

4. Lie in the most comfortable position (flat on your back with feet on the floor or on either side).

5. Grab the tube and apply some natural, organic, petroleum and chemical free lubricant such as coconut oil to the tip of the tube.

6. With the solution at the tip of the tube and the clamp closed, very slowly begin inserting the tube into your rectum until the tube has penetrated 3-4 inches. If it takes a full 30 seconds to insert the tube, that's absolutely fine! This should be done extremely slowly to avoid perforation or trauma to the colon.

7. Start a timer for 15 minutes. Release the tube clamp and watch as the solution drains. You may keep one hand on the tube near your rectum if it makes you comfortable.

8. Prepare to close the clamp as you feel any pain or discomfort. It's fine to pause and restart. You may feel some cramping and brief discomfort but you should always stop the flow of solution and wait when this happens. Starting out with a low volume like 500mL will help you understand normal discomfort from abnormal discomfort.

9. Lie on your right side for 15 minutes if you can, and hold the enema solution in. You may also switch positions throughout the 15 minute process. Some people report better results when they rotate from back to left side to right side for the first few minutes and then spending the majority of time on their right side to maximize the effectiveness on the liver.

10. When your timer expires and your alarm sounds, make sure the clamp is closed and very slowly begin removing the tube from your rectum.

11. Once removed, slowly sit upright for 10 seconds and then slowly stand up and walk to the toilet.

12. Poop


1. Drink plenty of water for the next few days.

2. Take probiotics.

3. Be sure not to miss meals. Your electrolyte balance will normally be sustained through your regular diet.

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